Frames Buran

Buran factory originates at the beginning of the Twentieth-century in Venice, land of renowned craftmanship traditions, from an idea of its founder, Luigi Buran. The family factory then moved to Rome and since then the art and secrets of framing are handed down from generation to generation. The Buran family creations are based on the most exclusive craft technique and therefore need the timing of the best artisan production. They have been appreciated throughout the years by international artist as De Chirico, Cagli, Guttuso, Russo and Borghese. The Buran Art Frames are wholly artisanal products and moulded following a unique workmanship in the center of Italy. They are processed in many phases based on the traditional method of creating the silhouette obtained from the so called “plank”. Gilding is made with gold leaves or lacquered with like-gold and each frame is carved following the antique techniques and the secrets acquired in nearly one century of activity, these are elements of excellency, that make the Buran’s frames unique items.